The B'ra'Sha are a humanoid species from the planet Paplin and one of the two races in the Alliance.


The B'ra'Sha are simialr to humans in many way, two arms, legs, etc, but there are small differences in their physiology and biology.

The most striking difference is their iconic ears. Rather than fleshy ears theirs are made of bone with twisting finger like tendrils, five for men, four for women, protruding off them. These ears are a holdover of their evolutionary history as a deer-like creature. When B'ra'Sha develop in the womb and are born the ears have three fleshy bumps, but within two weeks the ears have hardened into the iconic B'ra'Sha ear, with three tandrils, the extra ones will grow in puberty.

Their eyes are also very different, for starters the colours are red, yellow and purple, and instead of a circular iris theirs is a cross shape.

Internally they are also different to humans. They have an organ which releases an enzyme into their bloodstream which eats fat stores making them naturally lean. They have two hearts.

There is a sub-species of the B'ra'Sha known as the Psyren'a who are telepathic and have grown to be major parts of the B'ra'Sha religions.

Religion Edit

They have two major religions, those who worship the Higher Gods and those that worship the First Gods.

The B'ra'Sha were originally four nations, Kau, Dru, Reh and Mai, but a thousand years before as they went through the B'ra'Sha Civil War in which the Kau Nation attacked the others. The others banded together, forming a united government for the first time and defeated and exiled them.

Within the Nations there are various clans. Each nation, and even some clans, have their own unique languages and cultures. The unified B'ra'Sha people share a language known as Pali.