Baraben Prime on the Kingmaker front cover

Baraben Prime, Class 7C planetoid

Baraben System

Quadrant Beta, Sector 214PB

Sagittarius Arm, The Alliance

Baraben Prime is an Earth-like planet in the Baraben system in the Frontier Rim of the Alliance. It is one of the key worlds in the Frontier Rim and is the home world of Ejjina Mexonber-Quad.

Baraben Prime was home to an indiginous population known as the Aqua-Indians who died out in a severe ice age eons before the arrival of humans and B'ra'Sha.

The planet was colonised about 600-years ago.

Today the planet is home to a heredity monarchy who are beloved throughout the Alliance and are amongst the richest families in the Alliance.

The capital city of the planet is Resolute. There are three major continents, North Kriska, South Kriska and Quetico.

The planet is also known for one of its two moons, "the Broken Moon" which was hit by an asteroid centuries before and has been breaking up due to the planets gravity since. The moon is expected to completely disintegrate and form a ring around the planet in the next 200-years. The second moon, the smaller of the two, is called Celestia.

The planet has a space station in orbit called Station September White.

The gravity of the planet is 95% of standard.

The population of Baraben Prime is approximately 2.5-billion.

The planet can be seen on the front cover of the upcoming book Kingmaker.