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The Crest of the Royal Family of Baraben Prime

The Baraben Prime Royal Family are the hereditary monarchy on Baraben Prime. The King serves as the constitutional monarch and ceremonial Head of State for the entire Baraben System.

The family are amongst the ten most wealthy families in the entire Alliance and in their history the family bankrolled the expedition to Baraben Prime and own huge areas of land in the Frontier Rim, massive mega-corporations and are responsible for many buildings and traditions on Baraben Prime and further afield, such and the Royal Natural History Museum of Baraben Prime.

They were the first family to settle on Baraben Prime over six-hundred years before.

Their home is the Royal Palace in the capital city of Resolute.

The Royal Family are guarded by the Rainbow Order, also known of the Kingsguard, the Queensguard, and the Royal Secret Service.

The Motto of the royal family is "Cia Estas Ebla" - which means "Anything is Possible" in Esperanto. Their traditional colour is crimson.

The Monarch is the eldest child of the previous monarch, and is known as the King or Queen, with the heir to the throne being known as the Tezch or Tezchara, and subsequent siblings being Prince or Princesses. Their spouse is known as the King or Queen Consort.

They sponsor various organisations such as the Royal Baraben Prime Opera Society.

They are beloved as they own huge amounts of land and provide cheap housing for millions, who pay them rent and add massive amounts of money to their fortune every month.

They have a luxury yacht that is berthed at Royal Sherport called the Glorious Gloriessa. They also have a starship yacht called the Soverign Star which serves as flagship for the Royal Baraben Home Guard.

Former Monarchs include:

Businesses Edit

Royal Sangria is a company owned by the Royal family and the Baraben Prime aristocracy.