Basic Training is the short, six week training course which is the bare minimum amount of training required for anyone to join Star Command.

The training is very much based on intense military training and classroom based learning. Upon joining someone is designated a "Trainee."

After the six weeks a Trainee can go one of three routes, either into Star Command Academy to train to be an officer, they can become an NCO and go into service or they can go on a Star Command sponsored university course. 60% of those who finish Basic never leave their home world, becoming firemen, dentists, lawyers, etc.

Whilst most star systems allow Star Command to be a volunteer organisation, others have a national service law which requires everyone to join their Home Guard for a minimum of two years. But all of them allow minor offenders to join Star Command rather than go to jail for the duration of their intended sentence.

Books trainee's are required to reaqd before the end of Basic include:

  • Sun Tzu's "the Art of War"
  • Commodore Depuskik's "Introduction to Star Command"
  • Basis Dru'Nos'Betkwiddle's "The Standard Book of Starship ENgineering: Grade One"

They cover all aspects of introducing tarine's to the world of star Command, from wepaons drills, to introduction to computer systems.

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