The Bregenna Expanse is a large area of space beyond the Imperial Oferan Empire and Wishing Point Nebula that is largely uncharted by the main powers in the galaxy.

It is boardered by the Cameron Courseway and because of this has often been used by pirates and criminals as a hidaway from the powers that be. As such the people who live there are aware of much of the wider galaxy in general terms, but the Expanse itself is steeped in myth and legend. It has many names, “The Land of Death," “Holid’s Bane” and “Home of Nightmares" are just some of them.

Once previous expedition into it by the Oferan in 311AE led by General Holid, saw one hundred ships disappear and those that returned were manned by officers who had gone insane and commited suicide soon after returning home.Since then it has been known by the Oferan as "Holid's Bane." They believe the area is cursed.

In 328AE it was announced that Operation Open Water, the first non-military joint venture between the Oferan and Alliance would explore the Bregenna Expanse.

Within the Bregenna Expanse there are several small powers, but their governments and militaries are often undermined by the Cameron Syndicate.

Some of the main places in the Bregenna Expanse include:

Some of the major species that live in the Bregenna Expanse include: