The Cameron Syndicate is a massive and powerful criminal organisation that operates along the Cameron Courseway and is amongst the most powerful entities in the galaxy.

Few criminal endeavours escape the Syndicate, from slavery, to arms dealing, to drug dealing, to smuggling, to piracy and many more. No area of the galaxy is exempt from their presence and influence and some areas have been completely corrupted by their agents.

They are ruled by the all powerful Forty Thieves, a group of criminal masterminds who control vast areas of space or have expertise in one specific criminal area. It is said that they are so powerful that of one of the "Thieves" decides to topple a government, the leader of that government will have resigned by the next morning rather than take them on. They have unparallelled wealth, power, influence and few, if any, morals.

When worlds do not bow down to their influence they exact a terrible revenge. The living dead on the Smuilian world of Zax, or the former Ra'Shain Federation colony of Thorlizorn, where each and every citizen had been enslaved and sold into bondage. These, and dozens of other stories, make the Syndicate a terrifying prospect to many.

Along the Cameron Courseway there are thousands of worlds that openly support the Syndicate, as to do otherwise would be suicidal, and some  have amassed massive wealth because of this, such as Susa. Other areas, such as the Outer Rim of the Alliance or the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom have tried to fight the Syndicate and become weaker and more desolate places because of it.

The Syndicate often funds scientists that wish to perform experiments that would be prohibitively expensive elsewhere, or illegal, or both, such as genetically engineered super soldiers, which they have been researching for years. The Syndicate runs hundreds of companies throughout the galaxy, many of whom are legitimate mega-corporations, to run their illegal activities through.