D'Ulib Duhe'Rayns Binary System Quadrant Delta, Sector 154 AT Norma Arm, Oferan Empire

D'Ulib is the home world of the Oferan and central planet of the Imperial Oferan Empire

The planet is in a binary star system, but orbits the Duhe star, which is a red giant and thus the light on the planet is redder than on Earth.

A thousand years ago it was annexed by the Nostluhk and the Oferan fought a war to liberate their planet lead by Ibudab.

The planet is ruled from the capital city of Dabra Bli.

Any ship entering orbit of D'Ulib is challenged by D'Ulib Orbital Control.

It has a twenty-six hour day.

Geography Edit

The continent of Olopon is on the southern continent. To the east of this is the Great Eastern Ocean.

On six separate occasions asteroids have dumped huge amounts of water onto the planet leaving it with large and shallow oceans. It is joked of that it is the wettest planet in the galaxy and in 20-years of coming to D'Ulib Raphan DJango has never seen a day without two major storms.