Dabra Bli is the capital city of the Oferan home world of D'Ulib and the seat of government for the Imperial Oferan Empire. It is an enormous city of 50-million inhabiants and is situated on a series of islands on the coast of two major landmasses, but half the city is submerged underwater in the Dabra Sea.

Many of the Great Houses have major holdings in the city and surrounding shallows.

The diplomatic district is on three small islands, interconnected by bridges,and all embassies have their foundations on solid ground.

The centre of the city is the Imperial Courtyard of the Empire, one of the great wonders of the galaxy. It is half submerged to allow access by Oferan from underwater.

On the west face is the Four Throne Rooms of the Emperor, the traditional home of the Emperor. On the East face is the Religious Council Chambers. On the northern face is the Political Council Chambers and on the Sourthen face is Great Temple of Ibudab, the tallest building in the Empire. All of these buildings are thousands of years old, but have been rebuilt and improved upon since the Nostluhk Invasion.

Elsewhere in the city is the second largest building in the Empire, a much newer district and recent additionn to the Dabra Bli skyline, Auxor Tower is sat in the sea around the city and extends as far underwater as it does above.