Drelleth is the exiled home world of the Ra'Shain Federation and the seat of government. The planet is named for Grand Marshall Drelleth who lead the Great Exile from Paplin and forged the Ra'Shain people from a broken and defeated B'ra'Sha nation into the proud and militaristic people they are today.

It is situated within the Central Administration Precinct of the Ra'Shain Federation.

When the Ra'Shain arrived the planet was a simple Earth like planet. They have been industrious sicne their arrival and added an artificial planetary ring to echo their original home world of Paplin. The ring is held in place by eight enormous space elevators that reach from the planets surface right up to the ring in space. The ring acts as a defence platform that is unsurpassed in the galaxy, a shipbuilding port and docking ring for millions of Ra'Shain ships. It is also home to a billion people.

The world is ruled form the capital city of Ares, named for the second great leader of the Ra'Shain Federation, Grand Marshall Ares, son of Drelleth.