Durrant, Son of Greth is the Emperor of the Imperial Oferan Empire and Great Lord of the House of Ecalaw. He has been Emperor for 30-years and is considered a great leader. He is known as "Emperor Durrant III" as two previosu Durrant's have been Emperor

While he is a huge man, in terms of height and girth, and considered a powerful warrior in his prime, he is now in the autumn of his years, and whilst still a formiddable opponent in terms of war or political arenas he has definately lost a step in recent years from his prime.

He has an easy alliance with the High Cleric Heela whom he has worked alongside for many years, and has helped forge great relations with the Alliance, Voldemork and Smuilian. However his tough line against the Ra'Shain has made him a boogeyman to them.

Internally he is liked and respected by most Oferan and Great Lords, but in recent years he has repeatedly bumped heads with Auxor, and he sees keeping Auxor in line will be the greatest challenge the next Emperor faces after he leaves the position.

Shleep, Daughter of Edog, was a distant cousin, Ambassador to the Alliance,  and a member of his house. His paternal grandfather was Durrant II and his son and heir is also named Durrant.

His flagship is the IOEV Epic Encounter.

Style Edit

His armour was a thing of beauty, purple and gold and highlighted with diamonds. His kilt is made up of a finer purple species, dozens of fine strands knotted and braided together with a shorter golden kilt over the top. He also wears a full length coat of black fur and Elza-Shark boots. On his belt he wear two curved blades whose handles were purple and gold and are topped with two massive purple gems. Around his throat he wears a thick piece of ancient looking gold, polished to a high shine and with the Seal of the Imperial Emperor embossed on it

Physical Appearance Edit

Durrant is a huge man, wide and tall, but not full of fat but a broad mass of muscle. His hair is braided with gold and precious stones alongside seaweed.