Gudapharasa is a male Pirec religious leader and diplomat.

Prior to first contact with the Oferan and the Alliance he had risen to the position of Ea'a to the Infidels, making him the main conduit for aliens to speak to the Pirec. At some point prior to Erya 329AE he was kidnapped at the behest of Mrs Berryweather.

Eulogies Edit

In Erya 329AE he was being held prisoner aboard the Snowdrop Blue Devil where he had been tortured and mutilated for some time. Over the course of the tortured he had died twice but been revived. After much torture he gave the names of three Tenebra’e who had sinned and the Cameron Syndicate could control because of this.

When the crew of the Shuttle Celestia discovered that he had gone aboard the Snowdrop Blue Devil but never left they mounted a rescue mission, two of the crew dying in the process.

He was taken by Velelsis Mai'Kala'Vista and Tonga Braakl back to Ku and admitted his 'sins' and gave evidence allowing the coup d'état to be avoided.

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