Heela, Daughter of Hee'Toro is High Cleric of the Religious Council and the most powerful person in the Imperial Oferan Empire behind Emperor Durrant and Ibudab.

History Edit

She was born into a good sized Independent House.

She is married to Lord Rellik, Son of Durrik, Great Lord of the House of Jan'xi, an average size Great House. They have one child, a daughter called Inarta who is considered to be one of the great beauties of the Empire.

She has been High Cleric for over thirty years in 329AE and has an easy relationship with the Emperor.

She is devoted to her faith and serving Ibudab and the followers of the religion around him, entering the service fo the faith soon after her marriage. She has worked her way up from being a mere Acolyte to the highest post any member of the religion can attain.

Style Edit

Her armour was without colour or ornamentation, plain and shining white. She wears a long plain seaweed dress and her braids are likewise simple. The only adornments are a silver necklace made up of dozens of the sign of Ibudab, and a long white fur coat.

Physical Appearance Edit

she had white hair and while her face shows her experience she does not look old.