The Imperial Oferan Empire is a vast interstellar empire ruled by the Oferan from their home world of D'Ulib.

After the Oferan home world of D'Ulib was annexed a thousand years before by the Nostluhk the Oferan fought off their opressors over 250-years and then reverse engineered the Nostluhk technology and took off to the stars with a xenophobic attitude. The empire expanded quickly and they quickly conquered two other races, the Direidi and the Ge whose home systems became fiefdoms of the Great Houses of the Empire.

The empire has become one of the true superpowers in the galaxy, and whilst it now has good relations with the Alliance after a rocky start, but exists in a state of pepetual cold war with the Ra'Shain Federation. First contact with the Empire was made by Admiral Dru’Aquel’Shi who changed their minds about aliens several hundred years ago.

The Empire is ruled over by the Political Council made up of he leaders of the Great Houses, but one of the major influences is the religion of Ibudab, which is ruled over by the Religious Council made up of the Clerics.