Tezchara Jasmine Birith (nee Takowyska) is a human Star Command officer who is galactically famous as daughter of famed scientist Marina Takowyska and Star Command General Nikolai Takowyski and for being the wife of Senator Tezch Kegeen Birith of Baraben Prime.

She has tried to forge her own name away from her famous parents ever since she was a young woman. She has followed them into Star Command to follow her passion for astronomy and science.

She graduated the Academy in 322AE with a major in Planetolgical Studies and minors in overdrive theory and astronomy. She got a small tattoo on her shoulder blade when she graduated with a friend of hers.

In 325AE she was at a ball her parents were putting on in Omoa on Orsimo when she met Kegeen Birith. The two immediately hit it off and quickly developed a relationship and eloped and married on Old Earth in November 326AE. This fact led uplink journalists around the Alliance to christen the, "the first couple of the Alliance." Something that could be prophetic, as Kegeen is an immensely popular politician who has made no secret of his desire to run for President one day.

Despite her wish to build her own identity she accepted a position working with her mother in 326AE at the Intergalactic Science and Engineering Institute working on slidedrive theory as it was a great career move.

In January 329AE she was covered on the Alliance News Service as she opened a museum wing on Baraben Prime.

Jasmine is uncomfortable with her celebrity status, feeling she has done nothing to earn the adoration of the people. Nevertheless, since marrying Kegeen she has become one of the most visible "pop culture" celebrities in the Alliance, particularly famous for her fashion sense. She designs her own clothes and creates them through an Arcade, and many people follow her designs in creating their own look.

In Star Command she has proven a very good science officer, but finds it difficult to balance her work and a private life with journalists continually trying to interview or photograph her.

She often has to put her career on hold to attend offical royal engagements on Baraben Prime as part of her role as Tezchara. Despite this she has forged a good career for herself, but her visibility and fame make it difficult for her to find work in some place, or under certain officers, in the Alliance.

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