Moritz Schmidt is a male human Star Command officer.

He speaks Esperanto.

Screaming Into The Night[edit | edit source]

In 329AE he is a Yeoman assigned to the ScSS Seraphic as a Locator Hub Technician. He was fresh from the Academy and had been at the tail end of his class, he had, in fact, been lucky to graduate at all, but since coming aboard Selena Gomez had helped guide him and he now had the makings of a passable officer.

The Kingdom of Skulls[edit | edit source]

He helped set up a Locator Hub on Sor Lois to evacuate the Sarafid Dowd'i.

Duquam (book)[edit | edit source]

It is revealed he greeted he was the Locator Hub Technician in charge of the Locator Hub on Christmas Eve 328AE when Jovan Johnson, Ovath Reh'Obo'Amasa, Veri Dru'Heirt'Odii, Selena Gomez, Andre Ivanovich and Nadia Ivanova came aboard the ScSS Seraphic.

In Syropha 329AE he sees Duquam and is able to confirm he has not left the ScSS Seraphic.

Phoenix[edit | edit source]

In Syropha 329AE he was on duty when the ScSS Oyrmo arrived and he brought Asaji Li Juan, Yickar Mai’Shanna’Quin, Namboothiri and Dru'Lam'Pas onto the ScSS Seraphic.

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