Myajath is the mythical "homeworld of ghosts" in the "land of shadows" that is mentioned in dozens of religious texts across the galaxy.

The common concensus is that this mythical world is the home world of the ancient Pyntaxian's before they evolved beyond physical form and became "ghosts," as it is in the Bregenna Expanse, which is an area of space surrounded by myth and legend.

Myajath is mentioned in religious the texts of many species, including: the Oferan, B'ra'Sha, Voldemork, Sarafid Dowd'i, Pirec, Smuilian and humans. It is also mentioned in translated texts found in Si'La ruins.

The Kingdom of Skulls Edit

Myajath is found in the Juduceoh System in Ques 329AE by the ScSS Raghum Mamuta using the Pyntaxian scanner network. The discovery causes many people to go on a religious pilgrimage to the world.

Eulogies Edit

In Eyra 329AE Basist Thuslae recalls Myajath being covered in jungles and vines and having thick air.

Admiral Li Po Yu had requests from 16 different ships form The Alliance requesting escorts to take them to Myajath on religious pilgrimages.

The ScSS Ottridge requested permission to escort two Smuilian freighters to Myajath.