The Naz'Jil's are a non-humanoid alien species native to the Bregenna Expanse who have been the top predatory species in the area since the time of the ancient corporeal Pyntaxian's.

Although they are a sentient and intelligent species they do not see other species as anything other than food, the same way others might view cattle. They kill other sentient species in order to survive.

They have six tentacles and two longer "arms" which can shoot out to several times their body length. On each "arm" and tentacle they have suckers which latch onto their prey and begin to suck the blood out of them. The reason they do this is because they have no respiratory system and take the oxyen from other species they feed off. They can go months without "feeding" but must eat on average twice a year. Often they attack animals on planets, but will attack anyone if there is an oppertunity.

Their very presence causes most forms of electrical power to fail. They give of a sort of natural dampening field which stifles things such as energy wepaosn, overdrive engines and scanners.

They utilise a form of organic technology in their ship, which are incredibly advanced, powerful and fast. They are also incredibly tough, able to take on six or seven large ships of other species. They are rarely out to destroy others though, they merely wish to disable craft so they can grapple onto them, burn through the hull, board and feed off the crew.

Their home is a solar system sized black liquid sphere known as The Black Heart. No one knows what is in there.

No one knows how long they have been around either. They were feeding off the ancient corporeal Pyntaxian's before they evolved beyond physical form and that was hundreds of thousands of years ago in a time known was the Great War of the Stars. The Pyntaxian's know them as 'The Dark Plague' or 'Walking Death' and do not speak their name such is their fear of them.

Few people ever escape a Pyntaxian attack. They are feared by almost everyone, however one species, the Malk, hunt them for medicinal purposes.

Screaming Into The Night Edit

In 329AE a Naz'Jil vessel attacked the IOEV Holy Throne, destroying the support craft along with it and boarding and killing the crew, including Ibudab.

When the ScSS Seraphic arrived and sent teams aboard and were attacked, when they got the body of Ibudab out the ship chased the ScSS Seraphic until it was intercepted by War General Auxor, Son of Ovonaux and a task force of Oferan ships. This ultimately led to the Naz'Jil ship being beaten off.

The result of this attack on the IOEV Holy Throne and the death of Ibudab led directly to the Oferan-Naz'Jil Holy War.