The Nostluhk Dominion is the stronghold of the Nostluhk, it is a fallen power, once holding sway over the vast majority of the galaxy, but now holding only a few star systems.

It is close to the Alliance, the Ra'Shain Federation and the Gryar and once was a massive superpower that encompassed all these areas, but also that of the Imperial Oferan Empire, where they annexed the Oferan homeworld of D'Ulib, the Voldemork and the Smuilian.

Despite its fall from grace the Nostluhk Dominion is still feared and approached with absolute caution. Other races leave a buffer zone around the Dominion as no one is sure where the Nostluhk believe their boarders end, and no one has ever entered the Dominion and returned to tell the tale. Evey now and then a ship will emerge from Nostluhk space and kidnap people to use as experiments as they try and find a cure for the plague killing them.

In 328AE the Podrink 452 Incident became a huge galactic flashpoint when a ship full of VIP's was taken and a Star Command Captain broke orders to attempt a rescue attempt, becoming the first ship to escape the Dominion and live to tell the tale.