The Oferan are a humanoid species who evolved on D'Ulib and rule the Imperial Oferan Empire.

An amphibious species they are born in water an breath through gills in their necks for the three months of their lives before being weaned onto air breathing, however, they retain their gills and their ability to breath underwater. Due to this they often heal better when underwater.

They have webbed hands and feet and all black eyes with enable them to see underwater. They can swim extremely fast.

They have a low tolerance for the cold.

Internally they are also different, they have two hearts, the "upper heart" pumps blood through the body whilst the "lower heart" does likewise, but also filters the blood in a simialr way to the kidneys in other species. Their blood is red.

They are usually dark skinned and have subtle spots or stripes on their bodies.

Traditionally they plait their hair into dreadlocks, somethimes adorning it with ropes of seashells, jewels and seaweed.

Their society is split into Houses, the Great Houses are huge organisations containing millions, even billiosn of subjects under a ruling family. There are then thousands of Independant Houses which can range from a  single family to organisations almost the size of Great Houses.

Slavery is an accepted part of their society.

The Oferan have evolved from large herd dwelling animals whom are psychologically bent to following an alpha male (or female) more than other species.