The Emperor of the Imperial Oferan Empire is the head of state and most powerful person in the Empire, and one of the most powerful people in the galaxy.

The Emperor is elected from one of the 12 members of the Political Council, made up of the Great Lords/ Lady's chosen from the Kuito of Great Houses by the other members of the Council and must then be ratified by the High Cleric of the Religious Council.

Because of the workload of the Emperor whomever is chosen usually elects a House Master to run the day to day operations of ttheir House as long as they hold the post.

There is no term on how long someone can hold the post, some may hold it for a period and then retire from the position, others die before giving it up, others still are assassinated or voted out fo the position by the Political Council.

The Emperor at the start of the series is Durrant who has held the position for 30-years.