Orsimo Enoris System Quadrant Delta, Sector 146CW Perseus Arm, The Alliance

Orsimo is the central planet of the Alliance in the Enoris System, where humans the B'ra'Sha met for the first time, and has become the capital planet of the entire Alliance.

It is one of the "Core Worlds" of the Alliance, an eden to be envied, the capital city of Omoa is home to the Senate Dome, the Presidential Apartments and Star Command Headquarters, as well as being the place where dozens of mega-corporations have their main offices.

The First Encounter Edit

During the survey of the planet in the 23rd century the planet was nicknamed "Porthos" by the crew of the Odyssey. During the first survey of the planet Dr Hugo Pauvert made first contact with the B'ra'Sha.

Orsimo was the B'ra'Sha designation for the planet

Orsimo was featured as the central planet on the front cover of The First Encounter.
Front cover

the first encounter front cover

The Orsimo Branch of Star Command Academy is just outside Omoa. Another city on the planet is Kremlanta.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the Core Worlds is the First Contact Memorial.

The planet has three moons, at least one of which is colonised and has cities on it.

The Angel Class space station Station Syropha Gold hangs in orbit.

Rhapsody Edit

Commodore (ret.) Ling Qingzhao Chen lived here in 314AE.

In 314AE Ejjina Mexonber-Quad completed the Trial of Cunning here as part of her Quad Quest.