The Pirec are a humanoid species that live in the Pirec Theocracy in the Bregenna Expanse. Formal first contact was made with them through the Oferan during Operation Open Water in February 329AE. Formal forst contact by the Alliance was made by Captain Kristina Trebaite of the ScSS Dalia Grybauskaitė.

Their homeworld is Ku.

Physically they have curved horns on either side of their head, and in their distant past they arrived on the planet, but they have no contact with their distant cousins, the Malk and the Orabavair.

They use a new types of FTL drive never seen before known as Bridges.

Before first contact in 329AE they are one of the few species to trade with the Tincarma and have a distrust of aliens due to their interactions with the Cameron Syndicate.

They are an intensely religious people, their religion forces them to wear long robes and masks that cover all the skin. On their masks they have carvings, which are important constellations in the sky. They worship the Ancient Gods, and see the Pyntaxian's as holy beings, emissaries, but call them "The Unhappy Ones." They see members of the Quad Order as being "abominations". Astrology is a major part of their religion, with star signs carved into the masks they wear.