The Political Council is the political government of the Imperial Oferan Empire. It is housed at the Political Council Chambers in the Imperial Courtyard of the Empire in Dabra Bli.

It is made up of 15 of the Great Lords and Lady's of the Kuito of Great Houses, and from one of these the Emperor is chosen to lead the Empire.

The other 14 Councillors are there to help the Emperor make decisions, debate important issues, etc.

One of the Lords will be chosen to be the War General, the Head of the Imperial Oferan Empire military.

Political Council Members Edit

In 329AE Durrant is the Oferan Emperor.

Auxor, Son of Ovonaux is War General

Plobenea, Daughter of Ploben represents the House of Parantis.

Korath, Son of Paronath represents the House of Isem.