The Psyren'a are a sub-species of the B'ra'Sha who have developed telepathic powers and have become a central part of their religion.

Physically they are very similar to the B'ra'Sha, but most of the time they are blind with clear white eyes.

Their role as priests within the B'ra'Sha religion gives them a position of immense importance. When a B'ra'Sha marriage is agreed by two parents the young couple are blessed by a Psyren'a who links the two together. The pair then go their sperate ways and live their lives, but when both have achieved adulthood at some point they will hear the "Psyren'a's Song" in their minds, a compulsion to find each other and mate. They are driven to return to their betrothed and can think of little else until they have done so. A mated pair can live their lives hearing the "Song" just once or many times, but the Song is not a biological requirement for procreation.

People who are bonded can sometime feel each others emotions, even if they are seperated by thousands of kilometres

Sometimes people end up falling in love with others and wish to be bonded to them, so the Psyren'a will have to remove the original bond and replace it with another.

There are no Psyren'a in the Ra'Shain Federation as they were all killed during the Grand Exile, as were any subsequently born Psyren'a. Today they are no longer born in the Federation.