The Ra'Shain Federation is one of the mjor superpowers of the galaxy and is ruled by the distant cousins of the B'ra'Sha, the Ra'Shain.

The Ra'Shain started life on Paplin as the fourth, and largest B'ra'Sha nation. During the B'ra'Sha civil war they waged war against the other three nations but lost and were banished from B'ra'Sha space.

The entire nation left in a huge space faring fleet and internal troubles almost tore the ragtag fleet apart, however one leader came to for forefront and forged them into a cohesive unit. Drelleth became a major influence on the direction of the Ra'Shain, They removed any association to the B'ra'Sha way of life, changing their name to "the Ra'Shain," and became far more militant.

Eventually they came to their new home world and it was named Drelleth in his honour. He died days after their arrrival.

His son, Ares, took up the mantal of leadership and he proved just as important as his father, giving the Ra'Shain people the "12 Rules of Drelleth" which formed the central part of the new ideology of the Ra'Shain.

Once established on their new home world they immediately started to spread out and dominate the area of space around them, as their population boomed and their technology moved on.

They expanded and conquered five young species before coming back into contact with the B'ra'Sha, who had now allied themselves with the humans. The First Ra'Shain War was a hard fought affair, but lead to the establishment of the boarders.

The Ra'Shain Federation has become a major player in galactic events since. Eternally in a state of cold war with their neighbours the Alliance and the Oferan but they have had no real contact with the Nostluhk.

Ra'Shain Civil War Edit

In 328AE Handeron was able to prove that many Federal Imperators were corrupt and he removed the Federal Imperium from power he was assassinated. This vacuum of power led to a civil war.

Various factions sprang up, some headed by former Federal Imperators, others by former Ra'Shain Military officers such as Indazorn and Enasis Secronaa-Quad.

Desperate for resources these factions started doing things they would never have done before, such as attacking and looting Old Spacer convoys, attacking other Ra'Shain and looking outside the Ra'Shain Federation borders for help.

In Rabcyella 329AE the ScSS Seraphic came across an Old Spacer convoy which had been expelled from the Ra'Shain Federation. Three quarters of the convoy, sixty thousand people, had been killed for the convoys resources.

Later that month Ejjina Mexonber-Quad bumped into Enasis Secronaa-Quad on board Taq's Caravanserai as she searched for resources to defend her home sector.