Simmet Dri'Heirt'Kunp is a male B'ra'Sha Star Command officer.

In 329AE he is a Captain and has been Commanding Officer of the ScSS Ingagota for twenty years.


On the day he had taken command of the ScSS Ingagota he had tripped coming down the Locator Hub steps. He had watched his daughter graduate from Star Command Academy while in the officers mess and the whole crew had applauded her. He had once helped a Psyren'a marry two officers who had served under him for years and watched them have a son before transferring away. They had then delivered vaccines for the Living Death Virus to Zaldos on the Cameron Courseway.

After the Cyber Cluster Campaigns they had tracked the migrations of the Kulak’Kulakala across the Sytza System in the Outer Rim. He had proven himself in battle against the pirate ship Phantom in The Schen Win Cha Encounter and then helped maintain the government of Barsoon by saving the life of the Deputy-Senator after Senator Ughalo Freedom-Singh was assassinated by the Green Mist.

Operation Open WaterEdit

In 329AE he and the ScSS Ingagota were assigned to the Bregenna Expanse as part of Operation Open Water. Pyntaxian Ambassador Absor Tulemon had come aboard. They had exchanged information with the IOEV Olopic's Treasure in the first days of the mission. More recently they had discovered a new Spaceway which Star Command wanted to name for him, but he fought them, wanting it to be named after the officers who did the real work.

Phoenix Edit

In Syropha 329AE he is made part of Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom Squadron. He is not happy about Ejjina Mexonber-Quad being placed over him after her actions during the Podrink 452 Incident.

He reports back to Ejjina Mexonber-Quad the details of the Cameron Syndicate force invading the Itzamna System from the Devil's Smile Nebula.