The Smuilian are a humanoid species from the Smuilian Confederacy.

Their homeworld is Ier.

They are physically two-thirds the size of the average human and are covered in short fur with whiskers. Many people complain they smell bad.

They have a huge birth rate and are the most populous species in the galaxy with many spreading out far and wide beyond their borders into every corner of the galaxy. Many of those have never even seen their home world.

When speaking Amglish and other languages they speak with a particular speech impediment because of the shape of their mouths.

Smuilian standard gravity is about 3/4 Alliance standard.

They believe in gods known as "the Fates." Their biggest religious festival is the Great Festival of the Fates. Many of their religious festivals require some sort of ritual sacrifice.

They have gladiatorial combat and fighting as a form of entertainment, usually to the death. The Tournament of Death is held four times a year and proves very popular.