Star Command is an organisation that serves the Alliance. With its headquarters on Orsimo it covers areas such as defence, exploration, law enforcement, medical care, scientific experimentation and several other areas.

The structure of Star Command is split into three major areas:

  • Fleet
  • Marines
  • Sky Marshall's

The structure also splits Star Command up into regional sections, generally into the general areas of the Alliance, and then again on a system by system basis. These smaller system sized unit are known as the Home Guard.

Star Command members must complete Basic Training in order to serve as NCO's, and then go on to Star Command Academy to become commissioned officers.

The 7 ideals of Star Command are: Service, Excellance, Loyalty, Vigilance, Justice, Knowledge, Unity and are represented by the 7 pointed star on the belt buckle of every Star Command uniform.

Star Command NCO's must undergo bi-annual physical check ups to check for illness or disease, and ensure they are physically capable of completing their duty.