Star Command Academy is the training structure that turns civilians into Star Command Officers.

There are dozens of major training facilities throughout the Alliance that follow the same curriculum. There are branches of the Academy on Orsimo, Baraben Prime, Shakuras.

A civilian joins Basic Training facilities as a "Trainee" and once this is completed they join the Academy as a "Cadet, 4th Class." They will attend four Semesters of study and training in their various disciplines.

They take part in 4 Semesters over 2 years.

Over their time at the Academy they will be placed into Squads and must perform as teams at various points for scheduled and unscheduled tasks that count towards their final mark, 25% of their final grade will be made up by their perfromance in the Unnanoucned Squad Test.

Each Cadet has an individual timetable dependant on their areas of study. They must complete the Core Courses, a Major Discipline and two Minor Disciplines. Their major discipline makes up 30% of their first 3 semesters study. In their first year (2 semesters) they must complete 100 credits, their Major being 40, their 2 minors and Core Courses being the remianing 60. In their second year the first semester they must complete 50 credits in their Major and 25 in each minor, Core Courses are dropped. In their final semester, their "Cadet Cruise" they must reach 100 credits. They must achieve 320 credits to graduate, their courses will not achieve this alone, they must therefore join extra curricular groups and activities in order to graduate.

When they graduate they become a Yeoman and are assigned to Star Command ships and bases throughout the Alliance.

Each Academy has its own unique traditions and is linked to its local Home Guard.