Suhkmani Kaur is a female human Star Command officer.

She is considered a very boring person with a droning voice.

Screaming Into The Night[edit | edit source]

In 329AE she is a Commodore and commanding officer of the ScSS Peter The Great and Task Force Grey Beta Two. Her attaché Chief Petty Officer Ho Sakada.

In February 329AE she authorizes the transfer of surviving ScSS Ramesses XI crew members to the ScSS Seraphic. In Ustinoq she tours the Si'La Ruins found by the ScSS Icarus.

When the ScSS Seraphic rescued Ibudab and delivered his deadbody to the Oferan she and Admiral Li Po Yu came aboard to pay their respects and greet Oferan Emperor Durrant, High Cleric Heela and War General Auxor, Son of Ovonaux.

Doubt That The Stars Are Fire[edit | edit source]

She was involved in diplomatic relations with the Malk after making first contact with them.

Eulogies[edit | edit source]

In Erya 329AE she contacts Ejjina Mexonber-Quad to voice her displeasure at her relationship with Deyman Volosovich, her subordinate officer an order a ScSS Seraphic officer to aide in negotiations with the Pirec.

Phoenix[edit | edit source]

In Syropha 329AE she attends the security briefing for the Federated Territories Agreement signing alongside Ho Sakada.

When the Cameron Syndicate fleet invades the Itzamna System she is talking to the Tincarma to try and stop them leaving the system. When Ejjina Mexonber-Quad contacts her asking to go and looks for Xee Xar Kaur agrees, under the premise that she is looking to continue talks about the Federated Territories Agreement.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

She enjoys wearing the latest designer clothes.

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