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The Seraphic Chronicles is an epic science fiction series books that started with the publication of Rhapsody in 2012. Since then several other books have been released in the series, with the latest being The Unspeakable Three.

The series revolves around the crew of the ScSS Seraphic and charts their adventures large and small, from the controversial Quad Order member Captain Ejjina Mexonber-Quad, to the previously incarcerated Commander Xandos P Orthopolis, to the Oferan engineering genius Sorvel, Son of Yuvel, to the ice cold Velelsis Mai'Kala'Vista and the completely alien Ambassador Tonga Braakl.

To date the series has sold more than 5,000 copies worldwide and received rave reviews from fans.

New Releases[edit | edit source]

Duquam (book) was released in mid-October 2015

The Cut Throat World Of Business was released in late October 2015.

Phoenix and The Unspeakable Three were released in August and November of 2016 respectively.

On 31/3/2017 Fractured Mirror, Ghosts That Hath Whispered and Bad Kiss will be released simultaneously on Kindle.

What Is The Seraphic Chronicles Wiki?[edit | edit source]

The Seraphic Chronicles Wiki is designed to give information on the places, characters, events and universe of the Seraphic Chronicles. The series was conceived and created by Craig W. Atkinson and the first book, Rhapsody, was published in 2012, with subsequent books planning on describing how the crew of the ScSS Seraphic all came to be on the ship together and something of their back story.

The Seraphic Chronicles was designed to be an epic science-fiction series detailing the rise and fall of empires on the biggest canvas imaginable whilst also telling quiet and intimate stories of how one crew gets caught up in the middle of the chaos and tries to influence the outcome whilst life, with all its complexities, from promotions and transfers, to love and marriage and children, both planned and unplanned, to death and disease, wrath and vengeance, betrayal and friendship, money and power all infleunce people on a daily basis.

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