Jovanbkt Jovanbkt 1 April 2017

3more books available

Hi peeps

Well, 3 more books came out yesterday. Fractured Mirror, Ghosts That Hath Whispered and Bad Kiss. Three very different stories that set up the endgame of season one, which is where we are now. 3 books left this season... That's it! Season 2 on the horizon...

Hope you enjoy them, I'm looking to have book 1.14 out by end of April.

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Jovanbkt Jovanbkt 28 December 2016

Xmas greetings

So, it is that time of year again... 2 books out this December, three more planned for the first half of 2017. :-)

More recently I've been using Twitter more to try and raise chronicles profile... Sony, if you're listening, you're still my number one choice, movies, games and TV shows all under one umbrella...

Still best get back to work...

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Jovanbkt Jovanbkt 25 October 2015

The Cut Throat World of Business is out tomorrow!

soooo.... 1.08 is out today!

that makes FOUR books released this month! phew, next book, Phoenix, will be released around xmas time!

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Jovanbkt Jovanbkt 23 October 2015

Cut Thrat... 2nd edit done!

Well, that's the second edit of The Cut Throat World of Business completed... phew!

Should be able to get this thing out in time for my November 5th deadline, in fact if things go well I might get this out this weekend! (no promises!)

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Jovanbkt Jovanbkt 20 October 2015

The Cut Throat World Of Business... 1st edit done!

Well look at that, another book on its way, another edit finished. really feel in a groove right now, getting lots done, and this is the proof...

The Cut Throat World Of Business is a NightShade tale... yep, no Ejjina, Jovan, Ovath, Velelsis, Tonga Braakl, etc in this one! Nope! In this we follow those dark agents we met back in 1.02 Agents, specifically, this is Como's story.

The book will delve into secrets going on behind the scenes, things the crew of the Seraphic do not get to see, things will be revealed that are very dangerous, not only for como, but have far reaching consequences...

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