I realised yesterday that i have not explained who I am!!!! An oversight surely.

Who is Craig W. Atkinson?

Well, i am a dreamer and writer. My principle job is looking after my two children, currantly both aged 2. Jovan-Jayden and Aeryn-Ejjina (names you may recognise is you search this wiki) both of whom were born very premature but have blosssomed into two little nightmares.... i mean terrors... no they're great. At present they love trains, cars, lego, harry potter, star wars, disney pricesses and dancing. They keep me on my toes anyway.

I also have a wife, yes, someone got drunk enough to marry me, and then stay with me for the past 10-years or so! Melody is brilliant and supports me fully, i cannot say enough good things about her.

I live in Telford, in the UK. I was raised in a small village in the midlands and then went to Aberythwyth (where i met my wife) to do a degree in Film and Television Production. I returned there to do a PCGE in Primary Education.

I am epileptic, a former martial artist, i love football, pro-wrestling, science fiction and fantasy and pizza and beer!

But my passion is writing. The Seraphic Chronicles has been the story i have been writing on and off for half my life, getting on for mroe than half my life now!

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