The ScSS Seraphic is my dream starship, and the home of the Seraphic Chronicles, after which the series is named.

Named for the Seraphim, a type of warrior angel, the Pegasus Class starship was built in orbit of Baraben Prime under the guidance of two of the ships major deisgners, Bhutan Jii and Sorvel, Son of Yuvel. It's first commanding officer was Captain Ejjina Mexonber-Quad and the first mission was as part of Operation Open Water, the first non-military joint venture between the Alliance and Imperial Oferan Empire to explore the Bregenna Expanse.

The idea for the Serpahic was to take several classic starships from science fiction history, the Enterprise from Star Trek, the Battlestar Galactica, the Sulaco from Aliens, the White Star from  Babylon 5 and Star Destroyers from Star Wars.

The ship had hallmarks from all these iconic ships, teleportation from the Enterprise, starfighters from the Galactica, massive cannons from the Sulaco, elegance from the White Star and sheer size from the Star Destroyers.

The idea was that this was to be a new ship, full of new technology, the biggest and best class of ship Star Command had ever built, on an important mission, and commanded by a maverick captain sent to keep her out of people's hair and out of trouble.

Over the five years of the Seraphic Chronicels series, it goes through the wringer, expereinces changes in the command staff and helps shape the future of the galaxy.

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