When creating the character of Ejjina Mexonber-Quad that you see in Rhapsody and Kingmaker i had to work backwards, because the Ejjina i knew was in her 30's, a starship Captain on her second command and in the midst of dramatic and crazy adventures in a weekly TV show.

Bringing her to life as a not-so-dramatic teen was more of a challenge -  having never been a teenage girl myself!

Ejjina is based on a few different sources. The idea was to place a Jedi on the bridge of the Enterprise. Get the best of Star Wars and Star Trek. But as I grew older and began to experience other shows and films and books I got other ideas.

I guess the basic blueprint for Ejjina was Captain James T Kirk from the original Star Trek, the man who was a tactical genius, but curious about exploring and a good hands on people manager. He had his demons, his womanising for one, I wanted to make Ejjina a lot less sexually agressive than Kirk, but wanted to add the religious aspect to her. Here came the Quad, a mixture of the Jedi, Wizards form Harry Potter, Rangers from Lord of the Rings and the Foundation from the Asimov series of the same name. I took her love of history from Indiana Jones and then took then then radical step of making my Captain a woman... this was the happy days before Star Trek: Voyager infected our screens.

So, in turning my active Captain into a teenager who has to go through a coming of age story with a recognisable character arc I had to make some changes to her back story, nothing major, her parents now died at the hands of a drugs cartel instead of a shuttle accidnet, and I invented a whole wealth of aristocracy on Baraben Prime which i had not really explored before. Bhutan was a character who appeared in the first act of the first epsidoe of the first season of the series... merley to introduce Ejjina to the Seraphic, and then was never seen again. His character and back story was massively expanded and built into quite a nice character to write.

Other characters who appear in the series I was able to give small cameo's to over the course of Rhapsody, Kingmaker and now Oblivion, while all the time bringing Ejjina closer to the woman we meet in the first episode of the series.

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