The Voldemork Sovereignty is the area of space ruled by the Voldemork. Whilst they have a matriarchal central government it is very weak and most Voldemork simply do what they want to.

By and large the Voldemork are a peaceful people who do not cause any trouble, but they are not a major power on the galactic stage. Although they do have a well armed military, that is a match for any ship on a one for one basis, their ships are small and agressive and are rarely used for anothying other than boarder defence and patrol.

Chi Se Ching made first contact with them.

They are a wealthy state though due to the enormous amount of trade they gain from the Cameron Courseway, which runs along their boarder between them and the Alliance.

They are situated between the Alliance, the Imperial Oferan Empire, the Cyber Cluster and the Smuilian Confederacy.

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