The Wishing Point Nebula is a golden nebula situated between the Alliance, the Imperial Oferan Empire, the Ra'Shain Federation and the Bregenna Expanse.

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The Wishing Point Nebula

Inside the nebula are several star systems, only one of which is inhabited, by the Pyntaxian's. Before first contact with the Pyntaxian's the Alliance and Oferan had shared information on more than fifty missions inside the nebula.

The Pantek Spaceway runs through the Nebula, one of the fastest spaceways in the galaxy.

There is an "Old Spacer" legend that says if you pass through the Wishing Point nebula then if you make a wish as doing so your wish will come true.

Due to its location it is widely used by many people, it has had many mining franchises over the years, is a hiding place for pirates and has seen two wars between the Ra'Shain Federation and Imperial Oferan Empire.