Zahi Hawass was a male human.

He was married with six children, He lives in the city of Desprexia on Cordoba in the Esii System.

He worked as a mid-level executive in the BuTani Corporation, overseeing Core Frontier operations in their Advanced Acquisitions Division.

He had a taste for vintage watches, buying several over the years. He lavished gifts upon his family and had an exotic flower garden at his home.

He does not live a lavish lifestyle, does not drink, smoke or do drugs, attends temple twice a week and is favourably thought of amongst his colleagues and peers

The Cut Throat World Of Business Edit

In Ustinoq 329AE he tarvelled with Avra Mai’Heirt’Vowen to Modos to take part in a trade conference.

As he approached Modos Junichiro Koizumi paid for him to have a night with two Companion's.

He was put up in the Zimmla Hotel Company branch in the Bela Colony and met the potential Wupupi-Parapas Industries employees.

Como Dru’Ins’Lajeck brought him an ancient Old Earth watch to make him like him. He then revealed he had a Si'La central processing unit and brokered a deal to buy it. He reveals that the meetings with Persis and Ksia Bism did not go well, if at all, and Hasna' was murdered in front of him by Jonn Lee va Soon.

He leaves the next morning for the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom.

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